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Certified Equine Sports Massage Therapist


     Massage therapy is truly a gift that you can give to your equine friend. It can help to ensure long lasting vitality along with many other benefits.


     The majority of strain type injuries are usually cumulative & preventable. When there is trauma to the muscle of some type (blow, overstretch, overuse, overload) it shortens and tightens. It is then followed by development of a spasm (knot) where the trauma occurred. These group of fibers are held in contraction unable to release itself. After time, it becomes more aggravated and enlarges causing pressure, pain & discomfort to your horse. He may resist, refuse or go off in certain movements. If the spasm is not released it sets the stage for that final overload which can produce a pull or tear of the muscle.

    The original spasm could have been building for weeks and could have occurred outside of training or competing. Things you may not even think could cause such a problem such as not wanting to be loaded, racing around the pasture or becoming caste in the stall.

Horses are over 60 % skeletal muscle, which is the system responsible for movement. These  muscles are often overlooked when it comes to preventative maintenance and injury rehabilitation.

    What kinds of horses will benefit from massage?

Simply any horse!

Mysterious problems

(ex. My horse is still off after being vet checked & diagnostically tested)

Laminitic or navicular horses

Horses in lay up or rehab

Horses with HYPP, EPM, EPSM or PSSM

Stifle, ligament or tendon injuries



     Equine massage therapy is not a substitute for proper veterinary care and does not diagnose. If your horse is currently under the care of a veterinarian, you should first consult your vet before seeking service.



Equine Sports Massage Therapy

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